This month i have continued my obsession with essential oils even further and will now have essential oil posts that are separate from the monthly lifestyle blog posts.  Essential oils are so fantastic and there is so much to be said about them that I could literally use oils every month for this blog posting...but instead i will keep them separate. 

I absolutely love the Gaiam Yoga Mat Wash.  It is phenomenal.  

For all types of purposes and uses...the AHAVA mineral body lotion in this larger size (go get it at Century 21...they always have it marked down to a very very low price).  This lotion is great on its own or as a carrier for essential oils.  It is a great value for sure.

Rituals' Sensational Soft Cleanser is just the perfect fix to an irritated face.  Too much sun in the summer can cause major irritation and burning but this cleanser is so comforting and soothing.