“Just had my first yoga experience with Dani, and she was amazing. I am even more motivated to continue practicing yoga, especially with the fine-tuning in postures that she has shown me. I have only been practicing yoga for a few months now, but this is the first time that I have felt aches in muscles along my upper body that I have been trying to target for some time now. She is wonderful at explaining the alignments one should make in their postures, and the flow from one posture to the next is set at a great pace. Within 15-minutes of the 75-minute private session with her, I was sweating profusely. All in all, it was an amazing yoga session, and she is absolutely a fantastic teacher.”

- Odinakachukwu Ehie, Dani’s Client

"After suffering for a year from SI joint pain post knee replacement surgery, I am finally pain free! Actually, I haven't felt this well in years! Dani is a seriously caring teacher who is keen to individualize her teaching to the specific needs of the student. Highest recommendation!!!! And fun, too!"

- Ellen S.

"Dani is exceptional, amazing , kind, compassionate and a lot of fun to work with. She has so much great energy and really puts her heart into working with her clients goals and needs. She is soothing and nurturing and a breath of fresh air in this high paced, neurotic city. I look forward to my sessions with her and getting better at the yoga."

- D. Durrani

"Dani is extremely knowledgeable not only in the practice of yoga but also in the individual body dynamics of her students. She is perfectly upbeat and passionate about what she is doing. Highly recommend her for serious students."

- Douglas F.

"Dani's caring, patience and gentle approach made learning yoga for this beginner a true pleasure. As a trainer its the perfect complement to my strength training regimen. I'm hooked three times a week isn't enough!"

- Errol Ismail

 "My first time trying yoga. Couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Knowledgeable, fun, encouraging and certainly seems to enjoy what she is doing. I would highly recommended her to anyone!"

- Tom I.

"Dani's training is unique! It is an intense exercise that everyone should seek. Her energy makes the whole experience even more powerful!"

- Eric Rios,  Dani's client

"Outstanding Instructor.  Very knowledgable, caring, good technician and she listens. Add promptness and a great personality, and you have that winning formula."

- Jim Demetrios, AICfit

"I had a wonderful class with Dani! I highly recommend her! Her class is challenging and upbeat integrating different yoga styles with physical fitness.

- Gabyjuliet, current client

"Truly great stretching for martial artists!  Thanks Dani!"

- Oliver Scher

“Best yoga experience I've ever had. Dani is gifted a true master of the art of making students succeed.”

- Corey Scher, father and client, mentor

"It is so nice to tell people about the benefits of Yoga & meditation... The world need this ... Thanks Dani."

- Zaher Ji Raidan

“Danielle is not only incredibly creative in her approach toward the way she deals with her clients, but she puts them FIRST. She is a sensitive listener and knows how to be aggressive to get your project noticed. She is always working, and is exactly the the type of goal oriented Public Relations wiz that you want on your team.”

- Brian J. Robinson, Author- "mADD man", Abstract Publications

“Dani Scher shines in the step by step implementation of brand emotions and true identity. She unlocks the potential behind you, and has a magical power in branding strategies, invention and solutions.”

- Doris Lozada  - ld-creative renovations

“Dani has a keen eye and a creative mind. Her designs are both delightful and practical.”

- Colleen Cournot, hired Dani as a Graphic/Web Designer

It is a pleasure to work for Dani.Not only does Dani treat employees with respect and generosity, she in addition highly believes and delivers when it comes to developing employees. For example, Dani has spent and plans to continue furthering my own education and salability for future employment with either Dani Scher LLC or other potential employes. I feel that I am truly valued as an employee at Dani Scher, LLC and this is and is always Dani Scher's intention.”

- Olga Jaeger, Executive Assistant, Dani Scher, LLC

“With a keen knowledge of the latest technology, proven strategic sense for business and law background combined, Danielle Scher is the go-to pro for creating and implementing IT systems and the true intricacies of a stellar web site. Her all encompassing expertise in creative design, beneficial platforms, and software integration to algorithms and analysis, provides you and your company's executives, staff, stakeholders, clients and/or customers with what they want - how, when and where they need it online. I highly recommend Dani and her firm.”

- Lisa Hanock-Jasie, PR & Social Media Consultant; Writer/Editor, LHJ

“Dani Scher, the Branding Guru offers Innovation and Wisdom in the same breath. Her creativity and knowledge of the marketplace helps companies reach the fullest online potential”“Dani Scher is a talented web designer who has worked on websites and logos for many restaurants in the city. Additionally she has helped my clients via Skype when they were traveling abroad and fixed their computer when "issues" came up. She's a talented woman who really has helped solved some of my clients computer problems.”

- Lee Scher, Long Term Care Planning Specialist at The Lee Scher Company

“Amazing sense of design, color and modern marketing. She provides stylized and polished IT content and did a great job capturing my personality.”

- Patrick Cournot, hired Dani as a IT Consultant